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Swap Free Trading Account

Swap free accounts enable clients to hold positions for an any period of time whilst avoiding any interest charges. Important note: if you hold the position for more than 1 week, the position will be charged a holding fee of USD 25 (or account currency equivalent) per lot, per week. Swap free account conditions are available for all account types, regardless of base currency or account leverage.

Swap free accounts are reserved only for clients of Islamic faith. The use of these accounts for speculative purposes is not allowed. More specifically, Hantec Global Ltd. does not allow Islamic accounts to be used for carry trades or arbitrage, or any trading strategy taking advantage of interest rate differences between currencies.

With regards to abuse or suspicion of abuse, Hantec Global Ltd. reserves the right at any time to choose to force close all open positions and cancel the swap free trading conditions.

Hantec Global Ltd. reserves the right, without warning, to discontinue any Islamic/swap free account. The Client acknowledges and agrees that in case of loss caused to Hantec Global Ltd. – due to rollovers of positions on swap-free account(s) – Hantec Global Ltd. will reserve the right to obtain aforementioned loss from the Client by process of debiting any of their accounts by the amount outstanding. If the Clients’ account(s) hold insufficient funds to compensate, the Client agrees to wire the requested amount to their account(s) upon Hantec Global Ltd. request. To open a swap free trading account with Hantec Global Ltd., please complete an online account opening application form and complete and submit an Islamic/Swap Free Account Request.

Open an Islamic Trading Account with Hantec Global Ltd.

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Islamic Trading Account – Terms & Conditions

  • Islamic trading account conditions are offered on any trading platform, regardless of base currency or account leverage.
  • Clients opening a swap free trading account must be of Islamic faith.
  • Hantec Global Ltd. may, at its sole discretion, close all open positions and remove the conditions under a swap free account in the case of abuse, or suspicion of abuse.
  • Hantec Global Ltd. reserves the right to remove the conditions under an Islamic account agreement without warning.
  • Clients trading under the conditions of a swap free account are able to hold positons for an unrestricted length of time without incurring interest charges. However, should the positions be held for longer than one week, a holding free of 25USD (or equivalent) per lot per week will be charged.

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Risk Warning

Forex and CFDs are leveraged products which can result in losses greater than your initial deposit. Therefore you should only speculate with money that you can afford to lose.
Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary prior to entering into such transactions. Please click here to view our Risk Disclosure..

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