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Market expects the keeping rate unchanged at 1.25%

USD index stalling around higher level with market remain to focus on risk sentiment trading, slightly coming down of Italy bond yield and the renew of US/China trade disputes after US tries to impose tariff announcement as the fragile risk sentiment remains to dominate the short term movement. US stock and Asian stock market goes lower as well as US treasury bond yield comes down below technical support at 2.8% (10 years) as well. USD remain some risk of correction after recent gains.

EUR and GBP hits the year low overnight with 1.1510 and 1.3205 respectively before technical rebound happens.

Today Bank of Canada meeting and market expects the keeping rate unchanged at 1.25% with rate statement similar as previous one. Also, Eurozone confidence data, German unemployment rate and US ADP data, trade balance, Q1 GDP and price index as well as stock/bond market move will direct the intraday action.

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