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Market to be in cautious on Theresa May Brexit meeting

USD index going higher further in the week on higher UST yield but further short coverings ahead of FOMC a minutes away despite of DJI at -1.01% overnight. USDJPY leading the move with break 107.30-40 which triggers some stop and Nikkei in +0.21% also helping risk sentiment in Asian session. Exporter remains offering on top around 107.80-00 region for more fiscal year end action.

EUR in defense mood ahead of FOMC a minutes away. And today the Eurozone/Germany, US PMI data will also have some impact as the short term base building remains and overall bullish trend remains unchanged for 1.2555 retest and beyond.

GBP in choppy range consolidation around 1.3920-1.4030 region despite the Brexit news. And this weekend Theresa May offsite Brexit meeting will still adding more cautious in the market. The UK job data will also have some intraday impact.

Commodity currencies slightly lower upon reacting with the USD strength. And near term still more likely in tight range consolidation pattern. Overall, FOMC minutes away might hints for solid economy recovery with rather steady inflation and pointing for 3 hikes for the year and if any surprises will be adding more choppy move afterwards, otherwise some “Buy rumor, Sell fact” model will be repeated.

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