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Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

  • All referrers must have an active live account with Hantec Global. Limited to participate in the Refer a Friend program.
  • In order to participate in the Refer a Friend program, you must register online on Hantec Global website. Upon registration, Hantec Global will send you a confirmation email that includes instructions on how to start referring.
  • Any referred client must mention your name in the account opening form in the referred by field in order for you to be eligible for the referral bonus.
  • Any referred client must be minimum 18 years old.
  • The referred client must open an individual or joint account with Hantec Global Ltd.
  • The referred client may not be referred through the Refer a Client program and at the same time be referred by an Introducing Broker or managed by a third party.
  • To qualify for the referral bonus, the referred client cannot already have a live account with Hantec Global Ltd., nor previously had an account with Hantec Global.
  • You cannot refer yourself.
  • Only natural persons can be referred as part of this program.
  • Only persons you know and have a personal relationship with can be referred as part of this program.
  • No Hantec Global employee can participate in this program.
  • If you want to refer more than 10 friends, please contact your account manager or our customer service team to discuss further options.
  • Clients from the United States cannot participate in the Refer a Friend Program.
  • To qualify for the referral bonus, the referred client must meet the related minimum deposit requirements and complete at least 1 lot round turn within one calendar month of their Hantec Global. Limited account being approved. For details, see below.
  • Hantec Global Ltd. reserves the right to modify, restrict or terminate this offer at any time and without prior notice. Hantec Global is the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this promotion.
  • Hantec Global Ltd. has the right to decide not to accept clients that you have referred to Hantec Global for whatever reason.
  • Exceptions to these rules are at the sole discretion of Hantec Global Ltd. management, and our decision is final.

Payment Terms

Referrers will only be paid for referrals who meet all requirements stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.

All payments will be made in US Dollars and credited to your Hantec Global trading account. If your account is denominated in a currency other than USD, your Refer a Friend bonus will be converted to the currency of your account denomination at the current exchange rate.

Size of initial deposit Size of referral bonus
USD 1000 to 1’999 50 USD
USD 2000 to 4’999 100 USD
USD 5000 to 9’999 150 USD
Above USD 10’000 200 USD
  • The minimum initial deposit requirements for clients referred through the Refer a Friend program is USD 1000 or the equivalent in a different currency on the day of the transaction.
  • The bonus size is determined by the size of the first deposit and not subsequent deposits of the referred clients. Moreover, the referral bonus is subject to a minimum trade of 1 lot round turn within the first month following the account approval.
  • Once the one month following the account approval of your referred friend has lapsed, we will verify the size of the first deposit of the referred client and also check if the required minimum trade of 1 lot round turn has been completed. Subsequently the size of the referral bonus you qualify for will be determined based on the bonus table above.
  • Your Refer a Friend bonus will then be paid as a credit to your Hantec Global trading account. No other forms of payment will be made.
  • The payment will be made within 10 business days after all requirements have been met.
  • You will only be paid once per qualified referral. Joint accounts are considered one referral.
  • Hantec Global Ltd. may, in its sole discretion decline, cancel or reverse a payment if a payment has been made in error, or if has been determined that a referral has not been made in good faith or is the result of abusive practices, fraud or misconduct.
  • This offer is non-transferrable and cannot be combined with other promotions.

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